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Ocean world lying on the fringes of what was the First Kree Empire in Ethian space.

As a once Kree colony Ajan-Lar is inhabited by genetically modified Greens, Blues, and Whites.

The Northern Alliance


The Vigil

Three main cities have grown up, each dominated by it‘s type, though the Green city has been long reduced to ruins by the Plodek plague, the surviving Greens living lives in terrified poverty with as much to fear from the Whites as the plague itself.

The Blue city has been overthrown by the tyrant Attuma, declaring himself Emperor of Ajan-Lar and plunging the world into war.

The Whites are also the only species that are amphibious and able to survive unaided on the sparse islands that dot Ajantia)


Queen Fen (White, Mother of Namor)

King Namor

Princess Mera (sister to Prince Namor, wife to Lord Orin of the Vigil)

Princess Namorita (daughter of Namor)

Lady Tula , Dolphin, niece to Namor, cousin and best friend to Namorita

Aquaria Neptunia (NUN: Namora, mother of Namorita, third cousin to Namor, White)

Lord Orin (NUN: Aquaman/Arthur Curry, Captain of the Vigil, married to Princess Mera, White)

Lady Anya



Blue King Byrrah (Blue)


Lady Dorma, of The Vigil

Green Marrina (Green, Plodek)

Aquon (magically created behemoth)

Krakoa (The physical manifestation of the Gaea of Ajantia, taking the form of a sentient island that wakes to become a monster if roused)

Black Manta

Attuma (Blue, renegade council member)


Bloodtide (Green)

General Krang (Blue, Ex commander of the Ajantian military driven into exile after a failed coup)

Meranno (Blue, NUN: U-Man

Marrius (NUN: Ocean Master, Lord Orm Marius, brother to Orin of the Vigil, White)