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Black Water is the clandestine black operations and intelligence unit to The R.C.X, formed from the remenants of MI:13, sanctioned to fulfill given directives by any means necessary.

The British Isles

Commander Hawksmoor

Symone, Data Sea A.I

Baron Winters


Mind Star

Astrid Bloom


The Invisibles

Pete Wisdom

Lady Ross, security ops for The House of Lords

Agent Chance

Abigail Harkness

The Atom

Cole Burns

Doctor Crocodile

Roulette, assigned to the French Resistance

Catherine Cobart, P.A to The Speaker of The House of Lords and House liason with Excaliber.

Ex Agents of Black Water

Dominic Fortune, The Outlaws

Sydney Savage, The Avengers

Shatterstar, C.L.A.N