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The daughter of the Archangel Dagda and a mortal woman, Brigid has survived down the centuries as a true immortal, though being for the last two thousand years being rendered almost magically powerless due to the imposition of The Nexus Bar by Nulr.

Despite this Brigid ('Exalted One') has thrived as the ages have passed, adopting to each one as required, and now with the magical energies of old flooding Earth once more finds herself drawn back to her beloved Ireland.

Brigid's angelic ancestory makes her a natural ally of Shi and a born enemy of the Helion tyranny of Darkseid. As such she has willingly joined the Irish variant resistance team that calls themselves The Warriors.

As well as her angelic birthright Brigid has grown to become a skilled magi and extremely knowledgable on a wide variety of subjects.