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Practitioners of the arcane arts, whether it be in the name of Hel, Eth, or Shi.

Sorcerer Supreme


Dr Fate of The Titans

Shaman of Alpha Flight

Pagan of Hawk Wing

Fable of Macedonia

Blithe of Tara

Arcanna Jones of Academy X and Storm Watch

Sigil of Academy X

Manitou of The New Nations

The Lady Amora of Alfheim

Atrea of Sanctuary

Accomplished Perfect Physician of The Great 10

Queen Clea of Dara'Shun

Djin of The Immortals


Roma of Avalon

Manitou of The New Nations

The Ancient One of Shamballah

Emperor Foom of China

Dr Anthony Druid of The British Isles

Chronos of Power Play

Magick of The Winter Guard

Adam Destine of Clan Destine

Abigail Harkness of Black Water


Morgan Le Fey of Ireland

Desaad of Apokalips

The Scarlet Witch of Latveria

Lady Sinister of Moscow

Malady of The Fourth Reich

The Crimson Cowl of The Shadow Syndicate

Kaizen Gammora of Syria

Dr Faust of The Raven

Mysterio of Power Play

Malady of The Fourth Reich

Eldritch of Onslaught

Eclipse of The New Order

Diablo of The New Mexican State

Simon Darke of Germany

Jack O' Lantern of The Macabre

Circe of The Pantheon

The Goblyn Queen of The Prophets

Baron Winters of Black Water

Neasa the Black Witch

Emperor Doom of Latveria

The Baron of The Congo

The Alchemist of The British Isles

Darla Aquista (High Priest Darkholder of Italy)

Bloody Mary of The Black Apostles

Calypso of The Free Islands

Lord Bishop of The Society

Baron Mordo of The Black Rose

Chang Tzu of China

Mortis of The Disciples

Arsenic of Ireland

Notable organisations of Shian Magi include;

The Circle

Notable organisations of Ethian Magi include;

The Serpentine Order

Notable organisations of Helion Magi include;

The Raven of Europe

The Darkholders of The Middle East

The Black Rose of Latveria

With the White Event the levels of magic on Earth have risen to such a level that the art has become a science with major corperations and nations investing in heavy research and development in to it's use.

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