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Australian special response agency, now the heart of the Resistance in the Oceanic and Far Eastern Asian regions.

Engaged in a Oceanic wide struggle with The Society and their Marauders that often spills over into the neighbouring countries of Asia.

While the organisation have good relations with other Resistance groups such as The Titans, and on a more global scale S.H.I.E.L.D, it tends to avoid variant operatives, prefering to utlise SymTec enhanced humans and synthetics (Symdroids).

P.R.I.M.U.S are heavily dependent on the use of Fremaslon as the basis for psionic action and defense with their Gold Star programs.

Chip, R&D technology

Victoria Anderson

Gold Stars

Psionic and magical tactics

Silver Stars

Enhanced human intelligence and low impact solutions

Agent Lords, field Captain


Vanguard, ex Silver Star agent, now member of The Titans.

Iron Stars

Enhanced human heavy strike and response

Commander Gordon

Alpha Strike

Pre-emptive special operations team

Agent Hendricks



Renegade Agents

Boomerang, ex Silver Star agent, now a criminal, currently working with The Marauders and The Society.

Foxfire, renegade symdroid, now assassin for hire active across Asia

Headshot, defested symborg, now an assassin for The Society