The self declared remains of the pre-Fall U.S government and military, bow operating from hidden bunkers through North America.

The Authority's stated aim is a magic free America ruled by American humans. Magic can be tolerated as a tool, a dirty means to a noble end, but all that are enhanced by it are forced to agree to steralisation in order to protect the future gene pool.

Led by President Osbourn, the group has no love for the variant dominated S.H.I.E.L.D or it's global Resistance, considering them as polluted as the Helfire puppets of Darkseid.

Friend and ally of Hydra

The Presidential Council

President Osbourn

Amelia Trask

Donald Pierce

Obadiah Stane


Special Initiative Nexus, intelligence and black operations

The L.A.N.A

L.A.N.A Airforce

System Control

The Authority's heavy response organisation

Donald Pierce

Iron Monger


W.A.R Machine units

L.A.W units

Judgement Troopers


Unofficial terrorists operating in Helfire territories

Kimura, field commander





Independent Agents

Tara Jeckles, handler for;

Agent X

The Ghost


The Punisher



Renegade Agents

Deathlok (currently serving with Raven Wing)


Weapon X

The program built on the success of the earlier Project Rebirth that created the original Captain America, now funded by Osbourn with the aim of creating an army to take the U.S. A.I.M, R&D division

Ravager (Grant Wilson), ex black ops agent, ordered terminated when he threatened to leave the service.

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