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<gallery widths="202" spacing="small" captionalign="left">
<gallery widths="202" spacing="small">
129px-846592-jericho super.jpg|Heroes of The Free Islands|link=Heroes of The Free Islands
1244990-dv 45.jpg|The Ghede Loa
1814279-fearitdeep003 cov.jpg|Villains of The Free Islands|link=Villains of The Free Islands
129px-846592-jericho super.jpg|Brother Voodoo
136px-PowerManII 10.jpg|Infinity Inc
1814279-fearitdeep003 cov.jpg|Tigershark

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Modern name for The Bahamas, a terretory free from the control of Darkseid's new order.

Home to Infinity Inc, Luke Cage's variant response security firm

Brother Voodoo


The Ghede Loa

Baron Samedi